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Team FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions




Thank you for your interest in the San Jose State University Bowling Teams. We currently have Men’s and Women's teams, which travel to places such as Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Southern California, and Arizona; to name a few. Hopefully the following sections will answer your questions, if you require additional information please contact us at bowling@sjsusports.com


What Are The Eligibility Requirements?


To be eligible to bowl collegiately, you must be enrolled as a full time student, taking at least 12 units as an undergraduate and 6 units as a graduate each semester. You must maintain a 2.0 GPA each semester at SJSU and must have completed at least 24 units to be eligible for the next season.


Each undergraduate student must complete a required number of units each year: prior to your first year of college bowling- 0 units but maintain a 2.0 GPA, prior to your second year- 24 units, prior to your third year-48 units, prior to your fourth year- 72 units completed.


Each student-athlete will have a maximum of four years of eligibility to bowl in college and one year is used once a ball is thrown in a collegiate tournament. You also must not currently be or have ever been a member of a Professional Bowling organization.


What Is Your Team Philosophy?


We believe that our past success is due to the concept of Team Unity that we follow. We encourage everyone to work together as a team and have pride in being a member of the San Jose State Bowling Team. College bowling is a sport that revolves around teamwork, where it does not matter how each individual person bowls but rather how the team bowls as one unit.


When Are Tryouts and What Are The Team Requirements?


Tryouts are held at the beginning of the fall semester and are conducted at the Student Union Bowling Center on the SJSU campus. Tryouts consist of four days on three different sport patterns. The Coaches select team members based on their current ability, coachability, potential, attitude, interaction with others, as well as tryout qualifying totals.


Team members must be able to attend team practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30-6:30 PM. In addition, members must bowl a minimum of 10 games per week outside of team practices, attend team functions, and participate in fundraising activities. Being a member of our collegiate bowling program takes a lot of work and is a big commitment, but in the end all of the work is to reach the ultimate goal of a National Championship.



Do You Offer Scholarships Or Host Fundraising Events?


We do not offer scholarships for bowling as there are only a handful of schools in the country that do. Every year we hold fundraising events to help cover the costs of travel, lodging, entry fees, etc. The annual budget we base fundraising needs on is about $35,000 which depends on the amount of people we have on the team. The majority of our program is dependent on the fundraising efforts of the team.


Where Can I Get More Answers?


If you have any questions feel free to email us at bowling@sjsusports.com


USBC Collegiate Bowling Website

Club Team Bowling website


San Jose State University            Admissions/Records: (408) 283-7500

One Washington Square             Website

San Jose, CA 95192


We believe that our past success is due to the concept of teamness that we follow. We try to encourage everyone to work together as a team and have pride in being a member of the San Jose State Bowling Teams.


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